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Long time no see

on April 30, 2013

So, I apologize for 4 months without an update.  There’s no good excuse except for being busy so let’s dive right in, shall we?

In re-reading the last post, it appears things have gotten way more fun since December. He doesn’t scream anymore and we can go to dinner outside again!  He has 11 teeth now (10 with one that just broke through this week) and he doesn’t bite us (intentionally) anymore. At his 15 months check up, he was in the 50 ish percentile for weight (AKA in the middle) and in the 70ish percentile for height, so he’s relatively tall. He’s 24 pounds and 3X” tall. Sadly, I wasn’t in town for this appointment so the numbers are fuzzy to me. Nonetheless, he passed his check up with flying colors and is making tremendous progress at his job (growing up)!

  • NEW SKILLS: So, he actually learned to walk around February in China. It was so funny as I thought I witnessed his 1st 2 steps when he wobbled from one couch to another. When I began making a deal of it, my father in law said that he didn’t realize that we hadn’t seen JJ walk yet.  He had seen him walk a couple of days before.  So, I might have gotten JJ’s 9th and 10th step on film.

He loves to play hide and seek and has a fast walk, but I wouldn’t really call it running. He also dances by gyrating his whole body around or by twirling like a dervish. It’s soooo cute!

Since his trip to China, he’s fallen in love with dogs. Not cats, not birds, just dogs. He’ll look at other animals, but if it’s a dog, he points, calls it a gou gou (dog in Chinese) and then tries to pet it and smiles.

  • FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: hide and seek, eating, dancing, playing with his toys…
  • CLOTHES SIZE: 18 months-24 months.  It really depends on the brand right now. 
  • WORDS: Whole lot of dada, baba, and mama. He can kind of say yeye (grandpa in Chinese). Gou gou.  As of last week, he has started repeating words we say intermittently. He just says one word out of your sentence at his choice.  #Cute
  • DROOL: None
  • DANGERS: Electrical sockets are still a danger.  He likes to climb on things so we have falling dangers. He also can go up the stairs now, but hasn’t practiced going down.  We installed gates at the top and bottom, however, JJ has rendered them useless as he has hung on them throwing off their alignment.
  • SLEEP: He slept great before China. When he got to China, he adjusted pretty quickly and we had him on a good schedule there.  However, coming back to the States really messed with his time. A month later, we think we’ve got him back on schedule and he takes a nap around 2 PM-5 PM. The books suggest having kids in bed by 7-8 as they will naturally wake up at 7 or 8 AM.  JJ used to be like this before China.  However, we’re putting him down closer to 9 now and he’ll still sleep his minimum 12 hours. #TechnicallyBadParenting #IDontCare 
  • FOOD: Claire stopped breastfeeding in China a little after JJ turned 1. He has a silicone bib and placemat and eats whatever we eat now.  We try to avoid raw and overly spiced/salted things for him now.  He loves meat so we have to feed him his veggies first and use meat as a reward. He goes through phases.  There was a time he loved raisin bread so I stocked up on it only to find out that he had moved on to something else. I love watching him eat. He has his own little system (I think based on colors/shapes) and will play, then eat, then play, etc.  At the end of the day, he’s growing so he’s eating well!
  • TRAVEL: We have a bunch of weddings planned this year.  We’re trying to stay as light as possible.  I will say that I miss the freedom of my own company.  This paid time off business is for the birds, except of course that they pay me to be off. #Score
  • OTHER NOTES: JJ started swim school 3 weeks ago.  He kind of hates it.  I take him every Saturday and he flops around with other babies.  The swim school makes a killing on us as we don’t do much and the most we can ask for is smiling kids splashing around.  That said, we’ve seen some other kids go through it with impressive results AKA they can swim and aren’t afraid of the water.  JJ’s getting progressively better with each class, but for now, the class is not the most fun for him.  I suspect the noise, # of other kids in addition to the water is over stimulating for him.
  • We try to take JJ to the park everyday to slide and swing.  He didn’t like either starting out, but has grown to be a pro at both!
  • Claire and I can’t imagine the day he won’t need us.  We’re growing more comfortable in our parenting roles and embrace the fact that he wants to be held and hugged. We have our moments, but for the most part, it’s a pleasure being JJ’s legs, muscles, maid, chef, driver, caretaker and parent!
  • P.S. We seriously have the cutest kid ever!!!

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