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The Big ONE

on December 20, 2012

Can you believe it’s already been a year?  JJ turned 1 on the 3rd and it’s amazing how much life has changed from a year ago. Let’s kick it off with a bit of exciting news, teeth #7 has just come in. On his birthday, I was was wiping his mouth and felt a new one to me surprise!  Shortly after that, #8 came in too, bring in to 4 on top and bottom.

Speaking of brushing his teeth, NEW PARENTS, buy the finger brush.  Since JJ’s had teeth, we’ve had dismal success at brushing his teeth with an ultra soft baby brush. He would shut his mouth or squirm when he saw the brush coming. We’d resorted to using a soft cloth to wipe his teeth and gums, however, we recently found a finger brush and it works beautifully. For the non-parents, did you know there’s baby toothpaste?  It doesn’t have Fluoride so it’s safe to swallow.  Completely unrelated, but if you’re ever in Lubbock, Texas, you should try the water.  It’s so thick you’ll feel like you’re choking. They say it’s loaded with Fluoride and the Lubbockites should probably have pretty good teeth.

OK, back to JJ.  We just did his 1 year check up and he passed with flying colors.  No issues to speak of and he’s happy as can be.  He cried for a minute after the shots and didn’t have any side effects that day.  It probably helped that we pumped him full of (Dr. recommended) acetaminophen immediately after the shot. He’s almost 31 inches tall and 22 pounds.  I swore he weighed more as I carried a 15 pounder the other day that felt like a feather compared to JJ. I guess the 7 pounds make a difference Smile!

We love JJ to death.  He’s so enjoyable to be around.  He just explores his new talents and surroundings and it’s so fun to watch him interact with the world.

I still don’t know how single parents do it. This is hard work.

  • NEW SKILLS: HUGE smiling and laughing. He’s just much more aware of what’s going on now.  It’s harder to hide things from him or distract him as his memory and focus have improved. His crawling is faster and he stands more steady, however, he hasn’t shown an interest in actual walking yet.  He push his own stroller around unassisted which was sooo cute.
  • FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: taking things out of drawers, playing with doors, electrical sockets, lights, all noises get his interest now
  • CLOTHES SIZE: 18 months 
  • WORDS: Whole lot of dada and baba now.
  • DROOL: None
  • DANGERS: Pulling down the tablecloth and other items that may fall on him. Water danger as he likes to turn on the bathtub faucet now.
  • SLEEP: Great. Planned nap at 2 PM – 4 PM and then sleep from 8 PM-8 AM.
  • FOOD: Claire is still pumping and will probably continue for the near future. He’s eating everything in bite sized chunks now.  He can eat everything now, but seems to prefer meat.  He’ll eat his veggies, but he’ll usually grab for meat first. We have a silicone bib and place mat with lips on them that are absolute lifesavers when JJ drops food around.
  • TRAVEL: Nothing lately, but we’re planning a trip to see Claire’s parents in January which involves a lot of stops.  Good luck to us!

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