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People are like Icebergs–It’s what’s beneath the surface that counts

on October 14, 2012

I had the pleasure of partaking in a leadership retreat this weekend with a bunch of strangers and one of the stipulations was that we couldn’t talk about work or what we did,where we got educated etc.  Considering what you do is one of the first questions Americans typically ask, it gets tough to talk about other things. Over time, they further limited our conversations to not discussing the easies (what we like, what we want, where we live, etc) and you were nearly inevitably forced to define who YOU are without sugarcoating etc.

As painful as the process may have been, I’ll admit that in 48 hours, I know some of these people very, very well as they have learned about me as well. In true Vegas fashion, we also agreed not to discuss what we learned about each other and that the “secrets” shared would remain secrets. 

What I can say is that everyone at the summit was highly accomplished in whatever they do. This was almost guaranteed as the tuition was through the roof. Everyone had a saw and was simply in search of a little sharpening. Being successful, they all knew how to present themselves, say the schpeel that they typically deliver, and basically highlight their positives and downplay or eliminate their negatives. At our first meeting, you were basically looking at a room full of text book model citizens.

However, as we peeled the onion so to speak, you could see that the grass isn’t always greener no matter how green it looks. I’ve always known I was lucky and that’ I’ve had a lucky life. Yet, in hearing some of these people’s hardships and struggles and I do mean hardships and struggles, I was reaffirmed how good my life has been. I literally have no idea how they picked themselves up after X, Y, and Z and questioned myself whether I could have done the same. To be fair, I obviously have my issues too, but my bitterSWEET life has had way more sweet than bitter.

After all of the talking and tears, we all did a reveal as the last activity sharing what we did for a living. Come to find out, many of the people had turned their lemons into lemonade and own successful business or run big companies. It was incredible to see them behind the Wizard’s curtain and see what actually drove them to be so successful.

I am so pleased to have added this group to my network and know we will do incredible things together. As if you didn’t know it, you simply can’t judge a book by it’s cover because when you do, you’ll always end up with the wrong story.


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