Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Take it easy son

on September 23, 2012

I’ll start off with a promise that the videos are coming.  I’ve uploaded literally hundreds. The issue is that I haven’t had a chance to censor/edit them. Knowing the JJ is bound for greatness, I can’t let the power of the internet tarnish his reputation this early on. Furthermore,I need to ensure he’s clean, manicured, and smiling in every shot and that my clutter, underwear, and what not are not in view. Capiche? I was kidding about all of that except the underwear.

The recurring theme at the moment is that JJ has gotten simultaneously easier and harder to take care. On one hand, he constantly wants attention and a play buddy. He climbs on us, gets in things he shouldn’t, and tirelessly explores everything, On the other hand, he pretty much has a schedule that he sticks to and we know what to do pretty much by the clock. Obviously, it’s a mixed blessing.  I’ve said it before, but I miss my boy that used to just sit on my lap and chill with me. I obviously know he’s growing up and I enjoy being part of the process, but he just won’t sit still anymore and I miss that bonding time.

FOR THE NEW OR EXPECTING PARENTS OUT THERE, everything gets better. Claire and I aren’t as tired anymore. We’re not zombies and we smile a lot now. Comparing our 9th month as parents with our first month as parents, you wouldn’t recognize us. There’s no doubt that parenthood takes a toll on you, but to a degree you get used to it, grow into your role, and things just get better. I remember when JJ was a newborn and I was talking to my younger cousin whose daughter was 9 months old at the time. She was talking about how her daughter was sleeping 12 hours a day and to hang in there and that we’d get there eventually. At the time, we were doing feedings almost every 2-3 hours and were definitely zombie-like.

I didn’t see how things would ever improve. I swore we were destined for sleepless nights for the rest of our lives and that we would just be miserable. We were just trying to survive and do our best as parents while trying to ingest as much information as we could while sorting the good advice from the bad. She pleaded with me and told me to just hang in there and it’ll all get better. The whole time I was thinking that she’s just telling me that to make me feel better and yet,here I am many months later and I can declare confidently that she was telling the truth. Things get better!

In reflecting upon this, they obviously should. As parents, we’re more confident, have a routine, have less fears, and just know what needs to be done and when. In being a parent, you just get better at it by being one. Practice makes perfect, no? Regarding JJ, he’s better able to self soothe, his stomach’s bigger (less feedings), and he’s growing and needs time to rest his little brain and body which gives us much needed breaks.

So, don’t give up. It’s tough at times, but it truly is worth it. Day by day, I mentally picture Claire and me wearing Super Parent outfits underneath our clothes as we educate, interact with, play with, entertain, and just love JJ daily. We all mean the world to each other and I’m glad we didn’t give up early on. The best moments are yet to come! 


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