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21 lbs., 28 in, and a Whole lot of Personality

on September 16, 2012

JJ just had his 9.5 month check up and all is well. He’s hitting his milestones, growing, and is one of the most playful flirts the Doc has ever seen. This was a sad visit as we’ll be switching from her to another Pediatrician as she doesn’t accept our new insurance. It’s sad as we really enjoyed her, but have told her we’ll drop by periodically and send her pix!


  • He’s eating all kinds of blended foods now (sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, pears, mango, banana, etc. He loves bananas and doesn’t seem to be such a big fan of the sweet potato yet. Broccoli and the other greens are in the middle. For infants, it usually takes 11 tastes for them to truly decide they don’t like something.
  • Bath time is now Splash Time. As soon as I put him in his tub, he lifts his hands high in the air and pounds the water over and over until we are both soaked and water is everywhere. I then refill the tub to finish the task at hand and he reaches to touch the water coming out of the faucet. This kid… This is probably the 4th evolution we’ve had in bathing. He used to just sit and enjoy his bath. He then started liking to kick whenever he was in water. This was followed by the get up and explore outside of the tub phase to where he now just likes to make a big mess.
  • Still mostly size 3 diapers. He’s too big for the 2’s and the 4’s are fine, but I still have boxes of 3’s to work through soo JJ needs to stay size 3 a bit longer. LOL!
  • Clothes are mostly 9-12 months now so he’s pretty much the same size as what they model the sizes after it appears.
  • The absolute happiest JJ is all day is in the morning. Claire and I love to sit outside of his door and listen to him babble and beat on his crib waiting for someone to pick him up.Sadly, there’s no way to sneak in and spy on him because his windows are blacked out. This means that as soon as you open his door, the light that comes through signals that someone is coming to him and he stops talking and just smiles waiting to be picked up. HE’S SO CUTE!!!!
  • Keyboards, Remotes. Plastic bags, wires/cords, and  lights grab his eyes nowadays.
  • He has a new smile that he flashes when he’s accomplished something.When he climbs atop something for a better view or figures out how to get into something we’ve sealed, he just beams at his own ingeniousness. It’s funny as I’m equally proud and disappointed that my (1) my plan didn’t work and (2) he was smart enough to get around the plan.
  • JJ hates his car seat. As soon as we buckle him it, he becomes a contortionist and wiggles and squirms to find a way out. Car rides aren’t too fun at the moment.We used to be able to distract him with a toy or something, but he doesn’t fall for it anymore. His goal is to get out of the seat and he won’t stop until he’s out.

2012-09-12 15.58.072012-09-12 15.58.562012-09-12 16.02.11

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One response to “21 lbs., 28 in, and a Whole lot of Personality

  1. Cindy says:

    He looks like he is just having a blast. But of course, wouldn’t expect anything less with spectacular parents like both of you…..Awesome. Love reading your blog and seeing JJ growing up.

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