Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Dang Chompers

on September 10, 2012

Just wanted to give a quick update.That whole throwing up tantrum issue has gone away.  It only lasted around a week. I suspect a lot had to do with the extra teeth. We’re back into our groove of washing him, feeding him, slightly rocking him and putting him down. Done!  We can survive parenting again.  That week was miserable!!! Hope we never see that again.

Look forward to some videos coming up. On a weird personal quirk, I’m sticking it to my ISP at the moment with all of the uploads. My ISP happens to be the company I work for and funny enough, now that I’m in the business, outside of running a torrent server out of my house, the actual bandwidth costs are negligible even when I think I’m sticking it to them.

I also have the Sprint unlimited data plan and have been known to download and upload sometimes senseless stuff just because I can. It’s the buffet mentality of eating all you can because it’s included. I don’t do that anymore since the gym time hurts more than the enjoyment that buffet quality food brings me. The point of all of that babble is that more videos are coming and I’m using a lot of bandwidth in the process, yeah!

P.S. This is another technology note: with the IPhone 5 coming out, I truly hopes it’s revolutionary.  I I‘m looking for something to knock my socks off to be an Apple fanboy. Now that I’m carrying an IPhone and a Galaxy S2, I say the S2 wins hands down.I know there are a lot of IPhone fans that will think I’m crazy, but I’ve used a lot of phones and seriously love the S2.

Quick notes about the differences:

IPHONE PROS: Stable app store, decent battery life, stable os, huge app selection, easy to use, faster pictures

IPHONE CONS: it just comes down to usability. I can do things faster with my S2 do to the way the menus are. Copying, pasting, switching from messages to call etc are all easier on my S2. As Apple minimized the buttons to only 1, it just takes longer to navigate menus and change settings. The S2 is the king of this. When I’m saying S2, I’m really speaking to Android, not the hardware.

S2 PROS: Huge screen, more options, more customizable. I will admit it may take a bit longer to learn some of the nuances of Android, but once you learn them, you can do things so much faster with Android.

S2 CONS: Battery life.  With 4 g turned on and it’s jumbo screen, it’s a battery hog.  I have to carry an extended battery pack to keep it going all day if only carry one phone.

Biggest actions that make me mad at my iPhone:

1. Being in message mode and wanting to call one of those people.

2. Being in the middle of a program and having no menu button to change settings.

3. The IPhone Dropbox app times out when auto-uploading pictures

4. It just takes longer to call your favorite people. With Android, I have individual icons of my family and can call/text with one touch.


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