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Killing Robots

on September 8, 2012

So, I think I had mentioned that I put my Dyson in a closet and replaced it with a Neato robot vac at hen JJ was born, but I didn’t go into why I did that. After reading review after review, I took the plunge and bought one. Note, this is not the Roomba.  Those are stupid and just bump into things to find where to vacuum.  This one’s much smarter in that it uses a laser to scan the room first and then systematically cleans the floors. Retailing at $399, they’re not cheap and of course I got a deal, but we got it  so the floors would always be clean minimizing the chance of JJ eating dust, crumbs and the like. 

So far, it’s been very good and seems to have been a good purchase. The Dyson is still good for spot cleans, deep cleans, and edges, but the Neato does a great job on a daily basis. That said, JJ doesn’t like it. I think he thinks it’s noisy and it doesn’t play with him. It just goes to work and returns home to charge. So, when he’s in his walker, he chases it around the house bumping it the whole time. When it comes to a stop, he’ll then kick it and bump it repeatedly. It’s especially funny when it’s in its base. When you move it even an inch off of the base, it wiggles side to side as it puts itself back. 

I think JJ may like this part. He bumps it off the base, watches it wiggle and go back to the base and then he bumps it again.  Assume this thing lasts awhile, it’s a great babysitter.  In case he breaks my $400 vacuum, he may just have to start playing with the dustballs and crumbs. Just kidding! 


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