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2 handed counting

on September 7, 2012

So, we hit another milestone today…we need 2 hands to count JJ’s # of teeth. His 6th one just broke through his gums today. That brings the count to the middle 4 on top and the middle 2 on bottom.

9 months appears to be a huge period of change, growth and transition. He just recently became incredibly fast at crawling and walking in his walker. It’s a real joy to watch and then try to guess at what has caught his attention at that moment. He also has learned the sound of keys in the front door and knows to look towards the door to see who’s coming. It’s soooo cute.

Bathing him in the old whale tub has gotten nearly impossible.  He either wants to crawl out or he wants to push water into the big tub, hang off the sides, and splash the water around. I sort of miss when he’d just sit there still.

On a not so great note, with the teething, his sleeping has really gotten messed up. Claire and I try to make it a habit not to hold him too much at night and too simply put him down. With the teething, we’ve held him more and he’s gotten accustomed to it. As we’re trying to wean him off of it, he’s protesting by 1. crying and then 2. throwing up when he sees that we’re not responding to his crying.

When he throws up, we clean him up quickly and try to leave him alone again. He’s proven he can throw up multiple times almost on cue. I had a talk with him tonight after his first throw up and he hasn’t done it again so I hope that straightens it out. If not, we’ve got a Pediatrician’s appointment next week and will need some more tips.

What else? He was never really a drooler, but saliva is now everywhere. My silly mom taught him how to blow raspberries and he just loves it.  He blows and blows and blows leaving a trail of saliva everywhere.  The worst is when he has food in his mouth and thinks it’s a fine time to start blowing. Bad idea. Cleanup Crew on Aisle 1 please.

OK, that’s it for now, time for bed!



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