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And Then There Were 5

on September 2, 2012

So, our night terror suspicion was correct.  JJ got his 5th tooth this past Wednesday, 8/29/12. If you’re looking at him, it’s to the left of his 1st 2 on the top.

JJ has been waking up increasingly earlier and earlier and woke Claire and me up around 7 today during this most precious labor day weekend. Claire is a Saint and sent me back to bed, but I spent the majority of the day entertaining and feeding JJ and boy am I tired.

This brings up 2 points. The first is that JJ is in Energizer Bunny mode.  Outside of nap and sleep time, he’s go, go, go. The kid’s non-stop. I think we’ll finally fully baby-proof the house this weekend if I can find some energy to do it. We sang, read, played, hopped, etc and the only one who got tired was me. He just kept looking at me like what are we going to do next? Any new toys? How about a snack? Can I play with the remote? Can I taste the remote? 

What’s with kids liking remotes and cell phones anyway?  I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t like to grab TV remotes and cell phones. Working for the TV company, I picked up some demo remotes for him to play with. He used to go to town with them, but now he only wants mine if I’m using it. LOL! 

The other revelation is how good his focus and memory are now. If I didn’t want him to play with the remote for instance, I’d distract him with a noise or something and hide the remote. This doesn’t work anymore. He’ll still follow the distraction, but then he still remembers he wanted to play with the remote and go search for it.  With his increased mobility, he’ll now climb on me, around me, above me, etc to find what it was he was after. Smart little guy.

The 2nd point is for all of the full time moms and dads out there, I salute you. I would like to think that I could, but I honestly have my doubts. Again, I’ve said it a thousand times, JJ and I are lucky to have Claire in our lives. We would seriously be in some major trouble without her. She just knows what to do and seeing her and JJ “talk” and interact just melts me. I’m not throwing myself under the bus, but I want to recognize the difference between our respective interactions.

I can see him look for her specifically at eating and play times. Sure, he smiles when I get home from work and when I tickle him, but it’s just not the same as the glow he gives mommy. Putting that in perspective, he spends upwards of 9-12 hours a day more with her while I’m at work during the week. With all of that extra time, it’s only natural to be drawn to her, especially since Claire is so great with him. At the end of the day, we are all lucky for our current arrangement. 

I don’t want to leave my mom out either because she usually comes over weekday mornings to play with JJ, so Claire can go to her Barre Method classes.  I know my mom enjoys the time with JJ and Claire and I enjoy the help and love. As if Claire wasn’t already in better shape than me, Barre is firming, tucking, sculpting, and stretching her out and has been a nice break time for Claire. I on the other hand need to hit the gym.

I’ve been bad about it lately. Pre-JJ, I was a solid 4 days/week Gym visitor right after work. After JJ, it’s honestly gotten very sporadic if at all. When we first had him, pure exhaustion kept me from going. As his sleeping improved, exhaustion from work has kept me from going. The issue for me now is when to go. Although I would like to go after work, doing so would mean I would miss JJ before he goes to bed not to mention that I’m usually exhausted. That leaves the early morning before work. Again, I’m usually groggy-eyed and I already get to work early so working out even earlier seems ludicrous. If not in the morning or evening, I think a lunch time trip to the gym is my only choice.

My boss happens to run during lunch 3 days a week. He also has a shower in his office. I don’t. That means that assuming I left at say 11 AM, I’d arrive at the gym at 11:20, work out until 12:05, shower and wash up until 12:15, and be back at the office by 12:35 and still haven’t eaten anything yet.  Taking the long lunch isn’t technically a problem in my job. The issue is actually ensuring meetings and conference calls aren’t scheduled during this “precious” time. That is easier said than done unfortunately as headquarters and other regional offices are in different time zones, so it’s not their “lunch.”

Nonetheless, I just need to make it happen as I know stress will kill me if I don’t find time. In a roundabout way, this whole work out rant was still about JJ as I need to take care of myself so I’m here for JJ.      

Who can believe it’s already September? JJ is about to turn 9 months old in 2 days. I’ll have to think about the picture and how we’ll celebrate.

P.S. I just got inducted into my city’s Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program. I applied, interviewed, and got a commitment from my company on my behalf and was selected. I’m kind of stoked for being recognized by the company so early on.

P.P.S. There’s a 50/50 (who really knows?) chance that I will be a Broadband technician in a month. This is definitely something I never worried about in small business. However, my company’s contract with its union workers expires at the end of the month. If for whatever reason a new deal isn’t made and the union workers go on strike, all managers are being reassigned to fill their spots. Yikes!  Furthermore, I’d have to pack up the family and move to another city to complete my role until a contract is finalized. The only part I look forward to is driving the big truck and getting a Facebook photo. Other than that, I’ll try to get a seat at the table to ensure the workers get what they want so that I don’t get their job. Smile

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