Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Hot Potato

on August 29, 2012

JJ’s 6 days short of 9 months and boy has this been a month of growth and skill development. He loves his new skills and is curious to discover everything. Unfortunately, he knows it too as he beams and smiles each time he does something knew (lifting himself up to stand with assistance).

As I’ve documented here, we always knew he’d go down this path like we all do and we even knew it would mean more work. One of the things I failed to anticipate was how hard it is to change the diaper of a wiggly worm. As soon as we put him down to be changed, he flips himself over. Flip him back over and hold him down and he uses all 20 pounds of his might to try to flip around again. It’s a never ending battle because he then thinks it’s a game and just smiles the whole time.

That’s one of the few downsides. The other downside is the increased tears.  We’re like faucets at the moment because with each skill he learns, we fast forward 18 years and see our little boy leaving us. Driving, Dating, Marriage. It’s all coming up. I know, I know, focus on the now and not dwell on the sad/happy future. However, we can’t help it. I’ve said it publically and I’ll say it again, there may never be a girl worthy of taking our JJ away considering all of the love, care, and attention we have put into him. I certainly hope that little baby X, wherever she may be, is loved and cared by her parents just as much as we love and care for JJ.

So, what’s he up to nowadays?

  • He can pick himself up with the aid of anything (a cabinet, your foot, the bed frame, etc)
  • He still likes to jump and hop, but he’s too tall for the tallest adjustment.  That doesn’t stop him though as he now just bends his knee to a full 90 degrees to facilitate jumping by shortening himself.
  • He loves to run in his wheel walker thing. He’ll chase us around the living room and kitchen in his little car thing. His turns could use a little work, but he’s getting there.
  • His attention span for light up and musical toys is pretty short. It’s about a minute or less a toy before he moves on.
  • We have a storage ottoman that has a cover that comes off. One day, while crawling, he put himself on the cover and slid around the floor. He realized that he was able to move faster than crawling with this method and loves it.  
  • He’s eating all manner of fruits thanks to Mom’s steaming and Magic Bullet.
  • He has more patience for books now. He’s ripped a couple of pages here and there, but is getting more excited about the flipping motion and looking at the words and pictures.
  • “Achoo” “Du, Du, Du",” Big smiles, and other random noises make him smile at the moment.
  • He doesn’t appear to be ticklish on his feet at the moment, but his upper thighs are particularly ticklish.
  • He isn’t scared of strangers yet and loves attention.  He doesn’t mind if you’re doing something else so long as he can see you and you respond if he calls you.  If you hide and don’t respond, he doesn’t like it.
  • He doesn’t kick during bath time anymore.  Bath time is just another opportunity to stand up…naked.
  • He may still be teething. His (comparatively") wonderful sleep schedule has been changed by some random crying fits in the middle of  the night.  We suspect more teeth, but sure hope it’s not something else.
  • Thankfully, he hasn’t really gotten sick.  The one time we had a high temperature was during the first round of shots, but we were slow in administering acetaminophen. We’ve learned since then.

OK, that’s it for now! More pix:






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