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The Napkin Game

on July 19, 2012

Yes, I still remember the log in to update this blog. It’s been a while as you know and I promise JJ, Claire and me have been super busy. Before I get into it, just wanted to promote signing up for email updates so you don’t check this site unnecessarily when there isn’t an update…

“Click the bottom corner of your screen where it says “follow.” Type in your email address and you’ll automatically be updated when I post saving you the need to continue to visit this site with unrefreshed data.”

Let’s start with the JJ update.  JJ is in full teething mode AKA no more sleep for the parents. His bottom two are in and the top two are showing under the skin, but haven’t broken through yet. Unfortunately, this is coinciding with my 2nd month on the job and I’ll admit there’s been a time or two that I daydreamed about finding a cool, dark spot to take an afternoon siesta. Sadly, my office doesn’t have any of those.

Speaking of my office, it’s huge. I feel like I need an app to navigate the place as it’s embarrassing when I pass the same desks on the way somewhere only to have the desk owners count the times I’ve passed and call me out on being lost. Go new guy, way to make an impression! Furthermore, I blame the job for taking away my time to upload JJ pix and update this blog!

Even more frustrating is our dang phones. I have a super fancy phone with a lot of buttons and a big screen. I even have a Plantronics headset to allow me to roam the office, get lost, and have coworkers call me out on getting lost while on conference calls. Despite the bells and whistles, my only purpose for it is to make calls and not launch rockets. The issue is that after dialing a number, you have to hit “send” or it doesn’t do anything.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ll dial a number and sit there wondering why the line is dead. Doh! Forgot to hit send.  I must waste 15 minutes a day doing this. Furthermore,  I must admit that the happiest part of my day is when I turn off the phone and get to come home to my wife and JJ.

When I come home, JJ’s face just lights up the room. He’ll usually smile at me, let me hold him for a bit, then he wants to play and show me what new skill he’s learned (talking, backwards crawling, turning crawling, hitting, kicking, screeching, etc). We recently added swimming to our after work routine. By swimming I mean playing.  JJ just loves to splish and splash.  It’s like a big bath tub to him and he just splashes water all over himself. We’re planning on enrolling in formal swimming lessons, but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

In addition to swimming, JJ is doing a lot of talking now. Da, da ,da ,da, DAH, DA, da…  Noises left and right are coming out of this boy. Ma, Ba, Dah are the main sounds for now. Although he’s 7.5 months old, he’s still wearing 3-9 months clothing depending on the brand. He’s also a size 3 diaper. 

There’s a consignment sale coming up that we’re pretty excited about. One of my good friends scored some great deals for her son there and I’m hoping to do the same.  Check it out here if you’re interested! I even have my company sponsoring it so I’ll get early admission! #PerkoftheJob

I wrote about the Golden Period not too long ago and in retrospect, I think that is as good as it may get for a while.  Teething is no joke.  We’re using a combo of the teething gel and Humphries, but neither lasts throughout the night for JJ.

Look at me go. I’ve said all of this and still haven’t addressed the title. So, the Napkin Game is basically peek-a-boo with a napkin used as a barrier instead of hands.  This is JJ and his grandpa’s (my father’s) favorite activity together. As you’ll know if you follow me on Facebook, a lot of my Family-Business meetings are held in fine dining restaurants on the strip. As such, we’ve unintentionally amassed quite a collection of restaurant napkins from nearly every restaurant we’ve frequented since JJ was born. It was a small joke at first, but it’s grown to a collection of I’d say 50 very different napkins.  It’s getting a little out of hand. I may just frame them as a keepsake or have them made into a quilt one day.  

That should do it for now, but I’ll follow up with a big picture upload next!






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