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Mama Baba Mama Baba Baba Mama

So, JJ is starting to say Mama and Baba (Dad in Chinese) as of yesterday.  He’s uttered the sound of them before, but they were just random sounds.  Now, when we say it first, he’ll repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. He still probably doesn’t understand the meaning, but we’re getting there.  It’s proving tough to get it on video as he just  smiles every time he sees the camera! 🙂

So, does the first word count when he says it or when he understands it???  FYI, he said baba first and mama second.  LOL!

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2 weeks later…

So, I am most sorry to my loyal blog readers for such a delay in posting. Unfortunately, I’ve started a new job and can’t promise that I’ll be posting any more frequently. If anything, I may have to have my assistant post on my behalf as I dictate stories and thoughts! However, I actually really enjoy doing it personally as a way to document milestones as well as share and relive the moments.

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Let’s start this off with some pictures we took of JJ for Father’s Day:

I have the cutest kid.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m sorry to all of the other confused parents out there as I have the CUTEST kid ever. JJ is just so fun and adorable and Claire and I love him to death. I’m pretty sure he knows what a camera is and what it does as he can pretty much smile on cue now.  He is on the way to teething, but no teeth have appeared yet.  He’s is just biting everything in the world and chomping his gums a lot.  He’s also starting to say the makings of words which is an improvement from the random sounds before.

He can go anywhere he wants as long as his destination is behind him (he crawls backwards at the moment). Although he can roll, he doesn’t do it often.  He’ll usually just go from on his back to tummy down and then start pushing himself backwards.He’s ticklish now and still smiles a ton.  His sleep schedule isn’t as perfect as before our trip a few weeks ago, but it’s not bad (6-8 hours at a stretch as opposed to 12).  He is still comfortable around strangers which has unexpectedly gotten us some “free” babysitting by the waitstaff of a couple of restaurants around town. I have a short list of baby friendly fine dining places where JJ is welcome and adored.  My wife and I can enjoy a quick dinner while the staff watches JJ.  We’re happy to tip for those few minutes of uninterrupted eating and time together!  There are equally unfriendly restaurants, mainly at the Wynn where we can only bring JJ if we book a private dining room.

The main fears we have now are regarding teething and walking coming up.  Teething will be painful for him and walking will tire us out.

In addition to very kind wait staff, it never gets old having people approach us wanting to say hi to JJ, complimenting him, or interacting with him.  The cutest people are the random grandparents who either (1) just like babies or (2) miss their own grandchildren or (3) whatever. They are the warmest and JJ picks up on it and just beams in their presence.  In addition, people are still doling out advice.  I still can’t get over the people who insist on something being done a certain way. I then look at their kid who’s probably picking his nose or licking the floor. Ugh, thanks but no thanks, I’ve got it under control.

OK, that’ll have to suffice for now as I’m tired and need to prepare for work tomorrow.

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The Golden Period continued…

Parenting is going great. I mean really great. From feeding to sleeping to playing, it’s all going great. I’m sure this usually marks the time when most parents decide that they can handle a 2nd one. This isn’t an announcement, so don’t get get excited. Knowing that that’s what I think happens, Claire and I are still just enjoying the moment.

We had the pleasure of hanging with my cousin’s daughter this past weekend in LA who is just a little older than 1. We played with her for a couple of hours and were amazed at her walking and talking abilities.  She was even saying “JJ” to our amazement and joy! We know there’s a lot to look forward to, but it’s hard to get over the fact how tiring it was watching the 1 year old who was constantly on the move and exploring every nook and cranny. Yikes, not looking forward to it, but it should give us a lot of exercise chasing the little guy.

Another recent highlight is JJ is “sort of” crawling.  He goes backwards somewhat decently now. We’ve got to work on the whole forward movement, but it’s funny because I’ll find him under the bed and couch sometimes now as he backwards crawls his way under them. He’ll also grab near anything.  Although we don’t see any teeth yet, he seems to be teething or on the verge of teething with his constant biting of things.

We’ve got a doctor’s appointment in a couple of days so we’ll get the official growth report shortly. I’m still amazed by the number of people asking his sex when he’s wearing blue and “masculine” things from head to toe. Are you serious people? 

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