Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

The Golden Period

on May 26, 2012

This is an update to the May 3rd post. I’m trying to link to that post, but my firewall settings got all messed up and are blocking all of my attempts to insert the link. AAAAHHHHH Technology!

Before I get into the post, I just wanted to share that I was in a technology seminar today hosted by Constant Contact about email and social media marketing. I was simultaneously annoyed and cracking up as old person after old person would ask questions about why their twitter page is missing “like” buttons, how can they retweet in facebook, how to tweet more than 140 characters, how to increase the fonts on their phones, computers, etc to make it easier to see. God save the old people! I applaud them for trying to learn technology and know I will be in their club one day, but for the love, take a beginning class somewhere else. The “young” experts teaching the class handled the questions diplomatically and I applaud them for that. Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel cheated as I could have learned much more without these __________ asking so many __________ questions.  Again, there are no stupid questions (says the stupid people…).

Getting back on topic, Claire and I have hit our stride. Dare I call parenting easy? Ok, let’s not get crazy,.

Free time. I’m starting to remember what it is. Claire and I have had the most freedom we’ve had since before JJ was born. He’s sleeping longer at night, taking regular naps, and eating from bottles with little supervision. We’ve gone from 24-7 caretakers to periodic providers, touch-uppers, teachers, and playpals. This role is so much better!

In reviewing our past and the anticipated future (talking, talking back, walking, walking away, etc), I think this is as good as it gets!  Many a parent has told us that parents with infants usually fail to realize how good they have it until they have a walking, talking toddler. Well, Claire and I know it. We still have our moments, but we resemble humans again and that’s a good thing!

This week, one of my sisters and one of my cousins came in for the Holiday weekend and we’ve been having a ton of fun partying it up baby style!  It’s messed with our routine slightly, but the memories and fun we’re creating are worth it. He’s still smiling a bunch and he loves his door jumper.  He’s big enough that he can slide out of his car seat, bouncer, and glider if we haven’t gotten a chance to buckle him in yet. Speaking of the glider, we swore it broke the other day as it was barely moving. We then took JJ out of it and it rocked like normal. It appears someone has surpassed the weight limit :-)!

We all grow at our own rates, right? I’d have to say JJ appears to be in the middle in growth at the moment.  With some babies his age, he looks like a giant.  Just as we begin to envision our 6 footer, we then see other babies the same age that make him look mini. Eventually, it’ll all even out, but it’s interesting to see how fast and slow kids grow at times.

That should do it for now. I’m going to go enjoy my “free time” now!

JJ stats:

3-7 ounces of milk a feeding. We were trying to keep the amounts more consistent with the larger feedings, but noticed an increased amount of spit-ups, so we’re backing off when he seems remotely full so as not to push it for now. With the lower amounts, he doesn’t spit up giving us less to clean!  🙂

6-9 months clothing. He can fit 9 months lengthwise, but doesn’t fill the width out really.

Size 2 diapers in the day and 3 at night. We just opened a box of Jean diapers and got excited!  Yeah!

He’s standing with the help of 2 fingers under his arm pits now. He can walk assisted backwards, but only takes a few steps forwards before stopping.

Our wishful parenting feels he’ll be crawling and speaking anytime now.  He’s mastered tummy time and has a nice strong neck and strong arms. He just hasn’t figured out how to coordinate his arms with his legs to move. Regarding speaking, lots of noises that sound close to words, but it’s just coincidence at this point.



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