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How 10 minutes can save you $4,231 (this is about miles and no this isn’t spam)

on May 12, 2012

I know there are some of you that are all into miles and others of you who are miles averse.  If you’re not into it, skip this post.  If you’re on the fence or into it, read this because it pretty clearly demonstrates the value that points can have.  Although this example requires a couple of credit card sign ups, it’s so worth it and way better than the free t shirt they offer you in the mall and airport.

Take a look here.

Also, since you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’re interested in miles.  There’s one more super deal going on that doen’t require a credit card.  If you have a Suntrust Bank near you, JUMP ON THIS.  Unfortunately, it’s more of an East Coast bank so I can’t do it this year.  However, in years past, I’ve enrolled my entire family to the tune of literally a million plus delta miles for hardly any effort or cash outlay.  Take a look here. You’ll end up with 55,000 Skymiles for $195.00. As always, feel free to comment or message if you have any questions and I’m always happy to help and say hi!


One response to “How 10 minutes can save you $4,231 (this is about miles and no this isn’t spam)

  1. Proud Daddy- Thanks for linking to my story. Hope you and your readers find it helpful, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to post on a comment on the blog or shoot me an email. Happy (free) travels!

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