Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.


on April 28, 2012

He’s sleeping in his pack and play as of 2 days ago.  He’s simply too big for his Moses basket now. He’s also gotten pretty good at rolling and is sitting up pretty well in his Bumbo seat.  However, I’m not sure how long we can keep him in the Bumbo as he keeps trying to get out of it. He’s sort of ticklish now. I can’t do it, but Claire can!

What else? 

Oh, just read a post about Lufthansa’s new 1st class that makes me want to get on the road again. Instead of having a chair that fold flat and becomes a bed, they now give you a chair and a bed.  Check it out here.

In addition to my first class flying, here’s how’d survive when we arrive at any of these places where you can live for $500/month.

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