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Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Jj go to sleep….

on April 18, 2012

Its 740 am. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing except that we’ve been up every other hour since 1 am. Aaaahhhhhhh! Today’s going to be a long day…


4 responses to “Jj go to sleep….

  1. Susan Bryant says:

    Aren’t babies supposted to sleep like 16 hours a day?! What’s wrong with ours?

    • Proud Daddy says:

      According to the books, that’s correct. I have talked to the Pediatrician about it to no end and she insists all kids are different and we just happen to have one that doesn’t want to sleep. As for the parents, we are tired as all get out. We resorted to trying to let him cry it out, but put an end to the exercise when he went past 3 hours. We’re getting tougher soon and push may come to shove…

      • Barbara Taves says:

        Hi Jason, This is Laura’s mom. Barrett was born my senior year in law school. He would not sleep and was not interested in eating. I started him swimming at 3 months. He loved the attention from other swimmers, was hungry and sleepy after his afternoon swims. He gladly drank all of his bottle, had a good two hour nap–so I could finally study. He finally gained weight, and slept through the nights. The newspaper printed our picture and story, and I was flooded with requests from mothers. I started teaching other babies to swim. Easy, because babies already know how to swim, but loose the ability before they turn one.
        If you want JJ to swim now, here are the tips. Wear a red suit so he can see you. Do not put a diaper on JJ, just a swimming suit. Use a heated swimming pool. Go when there is not alot of noise. Hold JJ close and play with the water, patting the water with his hands, getting his feet wet, then his legs, until he is wet up to his neck. Stop if he starts to cry–this must only be fun. Let him see you get your face wet and that you enjoy it. When he is accustomed to the cold water, drop JJ horizonally into the pool, two feet away from you. Do not touch him. His head must go under all the way. He will instinctively hold his breath, open his eyes, and start to dog paddeling to you. After a few strokes, pick him up, hold him close and supported, praise him with a low confident voice. He will be shocked, but I have never had a baby cry except for the older babies close to a year old. After he can swim confidently you can bring bight toys for him to retrieve from the bottom of a step or pool. Have his carrier, warm blanket and warm bottle waiting for him at the side of the pool. When he is done playing and swimming, even before you get out of the water, take off his wet suit, put him directly into his warm blanket and carrier, give him his bottle, and more praise. Praise is key. He will eagerly drink and be sleeping before you can get dressed.
        By the time Barrett was two he was jumping off high dives and pretend rescueing me by dragging me across the pool by my hair.
        Glad you are an active father and enjoying it. JJ is luckier than most kids. Keep up the good work. Barbara Taves

      • Proud Daddy says:

        Ms. TAVES!!! Come back to Vegas and each JJ to swim! Laura never told me this story. How neat! You’re Super Woman for having him during law school. I seriously can’t imagine trying to go to school while taking care of JJ!

        Don’t be surprised to see JJ and me in a pool near you soon!

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