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How Jason became Jason.

on April 18, 2012

Even though we had at least 9 months to plan for a name, we didn’t finally name him until shortly after he was born.  Jason was in our short list of top picks, but it was finalized when we saw he looked “exactly” like me when I was born. Furthermore, I’ve carried this name 29 years and have enjoyed it and believe my son will enjoy it too.  I like how it sounds, how people say it, how people respond to it, how it spells, etc.

Naming Jason was one of the hardest decisions we’ve had as there are so many implications for whatever you choose. Good and bad names have made and broken people. For starters, we literally went almost page by page through a baby name book with some 10,000 names. However, there are certain letters that I didn’t like so I breezed through those pages.

Also, being familiar with a study in Freakonomics,, which basically stated that a “normal” mainstream name benefited someone more than having a more ethnic or rare name, we knew we wanted a “normal” name. With that in mind, my wife were sticking to a list of the most popular 500-1000 or so within the fast few decades. The problem with many of those names was simply that our networks include many people with those names and I simply didn’t want to think about a certain uncle or friend when I was talking to my son. Having a smaller network would have been beneficial in this situation. 🙂 We wrote down our favorites then further edited them by nickname likes/dislikes, alliteration/pattern and meaning to come up with a short list to take the hospital.  For the trivia fans out there, Alexander and Jason were at the top of that list, but Jason ultimately won out!


3 responses to “How Jason became Jason.

  1. Jason is a great name. Good on ya.

  2. I Like how ya’ll gave a lot of thought to what would be the right name for the both of y’all. And thought about potential nicknames and etc. I watched this one reality show this one time, were the parents couldn’t figure out a name, because they wanted something they liked but was regarded as prestigious as well. So the baby coordinator/assistant was hired to gather a group of experts in the field and then have them discuss the names they were thinking about with the parents observing the condo but outside the room. Then when they still weren’t satisfied they formed another group with their closest friends. In the end, they finally choose the name that meant the most to them.

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