Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Parenting Report Card

on April 13, 2012

Without further ado, Claire and I are doing a fantastic job and are the best parents on Earth! Hehe.

Ok, so there isn’t really a report card, but we did see the Pediatrician today for JJ’s routine check-up and she was thoroughly pleased with his progress.  He’s officially 26 inches and almost 16 pounds.  She also measured his head’s circumference, but I forgot to get the measurement.  That means he’s grown a couple inches and a couple of pounds in the past 2 months since his last check up.

After taking his vitals, the rest of the visit consisted of checking his eye, ears, organs, and flexibility. We then re-capped the past 2 months and I’d just like to point out our Pediatrician is all kinds of awesome. I think one of her quotes may convey this best, “I didn’t even like my 3rd child until he was 2 years old.”

Basically, she cracks us up and keeps it very real. She’s a mother of four who has been there and done that and doesn’t sweat anything. Our main concern this visit revolved around JJ’s (lack of) sleep. She said JJ is one of the happiest and most active kids she has ever met for his age. His brain is ingesting information a mile a minute and he just has a lot of stamina at the moment. Don’t worry and enjoy this time with him she kept repeating. Furthermore, sleep training is coming soon around 6 months.

I forgot to mention that now that his head and neck muscles are fairly strong, she gave us a list of foods he could start sampling (pureed carrots/apples/rice cereal). On a side note, we’re still hesitant as adding in new foods will ensure smellier poop. In case you didn’t know, breast fed babies’ poop isn’t smelly.  It has an odor and I wouldn’t necessarily call it rosy, but it’s far from horrible.

Anyway, JJ also got two shots at this visit and another vaccine that he had to swallow.  Like last time, we’re giving him acetaminophen to control his temperature as his body fights off the vaccines. Tonight’s going to be long night as we watch to ensure he doesn’t get a fever (>100.4).



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