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Thank Goodness for Technology

on April 1, 2012

One of the services I use added a new feature that I think is so cool that I had to write about it. Ever hear of Dropbox?  If you haven’t it’s the coolest service I’ve been using for years. The gist of it is that you install it on all of your computers, ipad, phone, whatever and it automatically syncs files between all of the devices AKA Work on a letter at home, save it to your “dropbox” and voila you can access the same file on your work computer or on your phone for easy editing/sending/whatever.  This eliminates the need for thumb drives and emailing files to yourself and I truly find it invaluable.

The cool feature that I just found is that you can have your phone automatically upload your photos to dropbox in the background.  No cable, log in, or anything required.  The reason this is so cool is that a lot of people “bug” me constantly for new and updated photos.  I take a ton of photos with my phone, but it was always a process to get the pix onto a computer, resize them and send. Sure, you could email/message them right through the phone, but  the UI still makes it a small challenge to send a lot of pictures at a time. Now, I’m just sharing my dropbox folder and those people have their own access to every picture I take on my phone.

The free version gives you 2 GB free and you can upgrade from there for more storage. Click here if you’re interested in trying it out.

Although I have no affiliation with Samsung, I would like to mention that I love my phone and it’s not an IPhone.  I’ve got the Galaxy S2 and an unlimited data plan with Sprint.  This combo is awesome as the phone takes great pix and video, has a great screen to show it, and is also 4G so I can send the media around the world with a couple flicks of the screen. I’m a data hound and am constantly streaming music/movies/etc in between texting/emailing/calling. As with all smart phones, the only thing it needs is more juice!

Also, as Sprint’s the only carrier with truly Unlimited data (for the time being), I take full liberty to enjoy! I’ve used almost 12.5 gb and I’ve still got half of the month in my billing cycle.


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