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Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Don’t, just don’t, please don’t

on March 27, 2012

So annoyed!!! I usually blog using blogging software instead of through the online portal.  However, I was on a different computer and tried to blog on the fly. As luck would have it, after typing a catch-up post, the internet went out and I lost it.  Ugh!!!!  So frustrating…

Update: WordPress isn’t so stupid afterall. Just found my draft.  It didn’t have everything, but it’s enough.  Whew, I was just about to try to type this all up again from memory in my sleep deprived state.

Many apologies for the lack of updates.  We’ve been on the road the past week and I’m scrambling to get caught up on work. Quick preview of an upcoming travel post: JJ was calm on the airplane, the hotel room freaked him out, wearing short sleeves for the 1st time freaked him out, he’s smiling ALOT now, still in size 1 diapers (2 is coming soon though), he’s wearing 3-6 months clothing now.


In addition to asking if JJ sleeps through the night (he isn’t.  3-4 hours at a time is as good as it gets right now), I have some new pet peeves about people:

  • When he’s in the stroller and covered, a lot of random people will lift his blanket or pull back his sunshade to get a better view of him. What the heck?  LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! He’s sleeping or we’re protecting him from your germs, but your curiosity doesn’t give you a pass to disturb my kid.
  • Kissing him, pinching his cheeks, grabbing him, petting him (like a dog), patting his head, etc.  Do you want me to do this to you or your family?
  • Heavily perfumed people being near him. Long after they’re gone, the smell lingers leaving him with “old woman” smell a la White Diamonds or something. This then necessitates an immediate bath…Ughhhhh!!!!
  • Is it a boy or a girl? He looks like a boy. We call him Jason, Jr. and most of his clothes and accessories are blue.  Are you serious?
  • Calling him strange/other names. If we tell you to call him JJ or Jason, stick to that.  Don’t be cute.
  • Being rude or unaware. It’s not that I expect to have my door opened for me everywhere, however, if you’re directly in front of me and see me behind you with a stroller, a baby, and other baby stuff, hold open the door.  Don’t slam it on me or look back to see how I manage the struggle.
  • Disobeying my parenting. As a result of talking to the doctor and reading numerous baby books, we’ve decided to feed JJ milk exclusively. No water, no honey, no fruit juice, no cereal, etc. What is up with people trying to dip his pacifier in honey, feed him water, and basically ignore what I’m saying very clearly. We’re also trying to keep tv’s, ipads, etc away from his view. However, that doesn’t stop the casual helper from plopping him in front of the tv. Furthermore, I don’t care what worked for you 50 years ago, that’s not what I’m doing. Things change. My cousin is the perfect example of this. Through the years from his 1st to his 4th child, medical advice has gone from telling him to put the babies asleep on their backs, to their sides, on their tummies, and now back on their backs.
  • Using a flash to take pictures of him when I tell you to turn the flash off because your cheap camera sucks in low light despite what I’m telling you.
  • Poorly timed clothing gifts. This isn’t a complaint per se, but it’s more of a suggestion/tip. I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth and am most appreciative to have received everything that our generous friends and family have provided JJ.  However, in the interest of getting the most use out of the gifts, I implore everyone to time clothing gifts appropriately AKA don’t give him Winter clothes that are his size now as we are entering Summer.  We just can’t use the clothes and they will be donated unfortunately. It’s a waste for all involved sadly.
Just so you know, most of the time, for the sake of argument, “I will agree and act like I’m taking your advice although I’m not.” I rarely, if ever, try to confront someone when they do these things. However, do know that Claire and I are pretty comfortable in our roles now and will ask for advice as we need it. Despite my rant here, it’s tough.
At the end of the day, I know that 99% of people are trying to do the right thing according to what they know. They aren’t being mean, hurtful, sneaky etc. Therefore, I’m not trying to bite anyone’s head off over this stuff. However, a lot of people are either ignorant, ill informed, self-centered, oblivious, or who knows. Inevitably, these actions just annoy me and are sometimes (potentially) hurting my son. My job and purpose is to protect JJ and look out for his best interests to the best of my ability. Daddy bear isn’t afraid to step on a few toes to protect my kid.  You play nicely and I will also play nicely.  You don’t listen and you don’t see baby bear.  Capiche?
P.S. Although we’re past the pregnancy phase, just wanted to remind everyone that people shouldn’t be rubbing other people’s bellies without permission (including men’s and I’m talking about mine specifically). Just because a woman is pregnant and showing doesn’t give you an unlimited access pass to go molest her to touch the baby. Most women I’ve met are okay with it to feel a kick or whatever, but it’s always polite to ask first.

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