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$6 for two enfamil infant formula at CVS YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

on March 13, 2012
Saw this in a deal blog even though we’re not using formula so far. Hope it helps!
Enfamil infant formula deal this week in CVS. It is $23 per can when you purchase two cans it is $23×2=$46, then cvs will give you 10 extrabucks when you buy more than $30, you can download enfamil $5 off, then the final price will be 46-10-10=26 for two cans. $13 each.
It will be even sweeter if you have $4 off 20 and enfamil coupon checks. Assume you have both, the total price will be 46-10(extrabucks)-10(enfamil coupon)-4(4 off 20)-10(enfamil checks)=$12 for two cans.
$6 each!

The $5 off coupon

You can get $4 off 20 by sign up your email and extra card.It is at the middle of right side.


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