Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Quick JJ Update

on March 8, 2012

SKILLS: He’s smiling alot now.  It usually starts somewhere between 2 and 3 months.  At a big 3 months, he’s smiling probably 40% of the day I’d say. The rest is a mix of puzzled (as he analyzes new things), asleep, and crying.

The baby app has told us to expect periods of laughter next. We can’t wait.  We’ve signed up for multiple apps (Enfamil, Similar, Our365, What to Expect When You’re Expecting) on our phones that chime in weekly with things to look out for and other tips.  They’re easy to ingest and are fun and informative!  

SIZE: At 3 months old, he’s fitting 3 month old clothes pretty well and is at the top weight for size 1 diapers.  We’ll be going to 1-2’s soon, but I hope we can last through the last couple size 1’s I have stocked up. He’s also getting really long.  I used to be able to carry him on one forearm like a football.  I must use two arms now as he spans the width of my body and his legs hang downwards if I use only one hand.

SLEEP: The advice says he should be asleep 14-18 hours a day now.  I’d say we’re close to 14, but it’s not a given.  Every day has it’s own set of challenges. During the day, he loves to be held for extended periods of time (hours). We’re getting away with baby carriers sometimes, but it’s proving tough to put him down to nap on his own.

However, he does seem to be aware of night versus daytime.  At nighttime, we can swaddle him and put him down pretty easily now and he’ll only wake for feedings. This is obviously way better than the near hourly feedings as a just born, but we still aren’t getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a stretch. He’s also an early riser. Once he’s up for the morning when the sun’s up, he’s up. He wants to play, talk, and be read to.

The Positive:

  • He’s a lot of fun to play with now as he can focus better and can smile. 
  • He’s getting bigger and stronger daily 
  • He has no latching problems for feeding like he had as a justborn. 
  • He can almost hold his head up, but it’s still just a little too heavy for his tiny core
  • He doesn’t cry much. 

The Negative:

  • He doesn’t seem to like his room. We haven’t had much luck keeping him in their for extended periods of time. 
  • He also doesn’t like automatic gliders/rockers/etc.  
  • He’s way louder.  He can cry and make you hear it. I had originally made a post months ago about how mellow his cry is.  His vocal chords are working now and he can really make some noise.
  • We wish he’d sleep more, especially on his own during the day.

Ok, I think that just about covers it. Until next time, au revoir!


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