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Big Spenders

on March 8, 2012


Life’s not fair. You can file this under the “The best deals aren’t available to normal people” category. I analyze tons of business opportunities a year and can safely say that the best deals I have been in and the best deals I wish I could’ve been in a la Warren Buffett’s Bank of America preferred stock deal weren’t available to the general public.

Knowing that life isn’t fair, I simply look forward to teaching JJ to be in the best position possible to capitalize on any opportunities that arise. Just to clarify, money isn’t the meaning of best position in this case.  It could be his network, his skills, his flexibility, and ultimately his luck that could land the deal of a lifetime.

I bring this up because I just read about a new deal that nets you $1,100 in free travel for signing up for a Capital One Venture Card and spending $1,000 on it. The catch: You had to have spent $50K or more on a single, non corporate credit card last year? Don’t worry if you didn’t, I didn’t either.
Just to re-clarify, you get $1,100 in real travel dollars if you spend $1,000 on whatever you’d normally spend (utilities, gas, etc). If you qualify, it’s a fantastic deal.  After you meet the spend and redeem the points, feel free to cancel the card as the Capital One Venture card actually doesn’t deserve a spot in your wallet if it wasn’t for the sign up bonus. Chase Sapphire and a Starwood Preferred Gust American Express would be much better options!
Here’s the application page

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