Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Want to drink more water?

on February 27, 2012


Have a baby and buy one of these. Ok, so you don’t need a baby, but it helped me.

I drink a ton (of tea) nowadays. There’s not much else to do rocking a baby to sleep at 3 am. I suppose I’m also up more hours now allowing for more hydration periods.

Nonetheless, this is a pic of my Martin Yan water boiler that delicers hot water 24–7, 3 liters at a time. We empty about a pot amd a half a day. Another thing thats helped is I’ve started buying more expensive tea. My favorite now is Ten Ren’s King’s tea. It comes in a gold can, is way more expensive than Lipton, but is oh so tasty. Feel free to ask for a cup qhwn you come over!

I also having. A special cup now with a built in strainer that keeps the leaves separated from where you drink. I originally purchased several in China when I first found them only to find out that they were available at my local Chinese store.

JJ update: he’s so long/tall now. I need to meaaure him, however he spans the entire width of my body and then some now requiring two arms at rocking time, whereas he used to fit in a one forearm football hold easily before.


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