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Christmas Farm Inn could be so much more

on February 18, 2012

I happened to be browsing the latest Groupon Getaways and was intrigued by a listing for the Christmas Farm Inn located in Jackson, New Hampshire. In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Christmas.  I break out all of the lights, multiples trees, tinsel, garland, the works. So, when I came across the listing, I began to salivate at a year round Christmas experience.  Carols, gingerbread, Santa, and snow would probably have gotten me to sit on a plane 5 hours to check it out.


Photo Title 2

However, in reviewing the hotel’s website, they only go as far as naming the rooms in an Xmas theme. Really?  If you’re going to be called the Christmas Farm Inn, then do it right and give guests the full experience.  That’d be something worth travelling for.  After reviewing their pictures, I have no reason to visit now. What a disappointment.

In addition to this deal, I was also interested in the:

  • $3,127 11 day tour and safari with airfare to South Africa
  • $1,999 6 day tour with Airfare, Hotels, and activities to Tahiti
  • $1,369 13 Day China Tour including meals and accommodations, but no airfare

Although those are decent prices on their own, one of the main reasons I shop the Groupon travel packages is that you can get 15% cash back from Discover if you use a Discover card and purchase by first going through the ShopDiscover shopping portal. If you don’t know how to do this, ask I’ll be glad to help.  This “rebate” is the only reason I carry a Discover card.  With JJ, we’re still passing on a lot of travel, but looking at the pictures and deals allows me to dream about where we may go next!

In case  you missed this Time article, one of the keys to happy travel is to keep them short and sweet.

P.S. I tend to write these posts in the middle of the night whenever JJ gives me a free moment. I mention this because I’ve noticed a few typos and other errors in my past few posts and wanted to apologize.  Funny enough, I’m actually quite picky with my English. Nonetheless, I will try to muster some extra strength to keep my eyes open to see what I’m typing.


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