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The 10 month pregnancy

on February 16, 2012

Don’t really want to dwell on this too much, just wanted to bring it to your attention as it was news to me at the time. A lot of times at the Dr, they would refer to the 10 months of pregnancy despite everyone always hearing about carrying a baby for 9 months.  Saying 40 weeks for full term pregnancy is probably the least controversial, however, in case you hear 10 months, they’re basically using lunar months of 28 days like this:

4 weeks: 1 month
8 weeks: 2 months
12 weeks: 3 months
16 weeks: 4 months
20 weeks: 5 months
24 weeks: 6 months
28 weeks: 7 months
32 weeks: 8 months
36 weeks: 9 months
40 weeks: 10 months

Another fallacy to me in determining the baby’s age and due date is going off of the date of the last menstrual cycle. The clock for 9/10 months starts clicking from that date even though the baby had probably not even been conceived yet by that date. Confused? That’s why I didn’t want to dwell on it too much.


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