Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

At Your Service, Sir

on February 11, 2012

My son is living the life of Riley as far as I’m concerned. What on Earth could he possibly be worried about?

“When’s my next meal/diaper change/nap?” Oh, and who’s going to hold me and keep me warm? I think I may be envious.

Haha, anyway, I was pondering this the last time JJ threw up. At the first sound of a bodily noise, my wife and I spring into action like a super, coordinated and experienced pit crew to clean him up as if it never happened. It’s funny to think how much faster we’ve gotten in our time with him. I swear diaper changes must’ve taken a half hour beforehand, whereas we can be in and out in a couple of minutes now.

I wanted to let you in on our little joke of a diaper rating system based on the number of wipes needed to clean him up.

1 wipe: pee and minor mess

2 wipes: poo

3 wipes: explosion

Also, just wanted to reiterate as I’ve mentioned in a previous post that the wipe warmer has been a lifesaver for middle of the night changes in the Winter. In my attempt to minimalize my lifestyle, I’ve tried to eliminate non-necessities. When we did the baby registry, I figured a wipes warmer was just a gimmicky, unnecessary item. Fast forward to after JJ came out and hearing him wail in the middle of the night when a cold wipe touched his skin and suddenly I hustled to buy one. Guess what? They work. For $30, JJ is more comfortable and isn’t shocked by the cold wipe allowing him to fall back to sleep faster. Get one today!


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