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The Emperor’s New Clothes

on February 7, 2012

Claire and I are trying to help the economy one swipe at a time.  We’re also trying to get more airline miles.  So, even before the baby shower and other baby gifts came, we had been building JJ’s wardrobe. My wife and I are suckers for animals on the butt, cute feet, and cute sayings. It’s amazing at how big his closet is and how many clothes it fits since his clothes are so small.

Despite all of the clothes we had, we hardly had any newborn clothing when he arrived as we had jumped straight into buying 0-3 months on friends’ recommendations. So, when we got home the first night, I had to run out and buy some newborn onesies immediately so the emperor had new clothes.  I wrote this post as JJ if officially filling out his newborn clothes to the max and we’re packing them away as we transition to the 0-3 month clothes.

The other tough part about his growth and clothing is forecasting his size for the right season. In reviewing his wardrobe, I’m already seeing some poor planning on our part as we have some fleece onesies for 6-9 month olds. That’ll be summer time in Vegas.

Random note: boys’ clothing seems limited compared to girls as the only choices seem to revolve around cars, sports, and animals.


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