Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Pre-parenthood Pix

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The Golden Touch

My wife and I go back amd forth on who has the golden touch. The joke is that whoever can put JJ to sleep (the easy part) and put him down in his basket without waking him up (the hard part) has the golden touch!

Putting him to bed is generally pretty easy as he’s tired at certain times and a simple song and sway will send him to dream land.

We have developed a nighttime terror. Any guess what it is?

It’s poop. Yup, poop,. The problem with a night time poop is that it wakes JJ up during what could hopefully be a long, restful night sleep. Once he awakes, it’s extremely difficult to get him back to sleep. Rocking, gliding, lullabyes, etc are useless against a good poop.
If we hear poop in the middle of the night, we known it’ll be a long night. To somewhat help, we have tried to keep him awake long enough to poop before bed as well as triple cover him in diaper cream proactively in case a surprise happens.

Ok, enough about poop.

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Honey, Jason, etc

In naming my son after myself, I knew there would be times that we would both answer when someone said our name.  It comes with the territory. However, it’s been real strange hearing my wife say “Honey, Sweetheart, Jason, etc,” answering her and then realizing she’s talking to my son.  I may need a new name for myself after all…


Unblock Blocked Caller Ids

Wish it was free, but it could be worth it to get back at some Telemarketers/stalkers!

Check it out here!

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Accor Hotels Free Platinum Status

Enroll directly here

Platinum status generally requires 60 nights (or 25,000 points earned) and comes with a 100% points bonus and then at Sofitel, Pullman, and MGallery hotels: room upgrades that the rules say you specifically have to ask for, 4pm late checkout, guaranteed availability, and a welcome drink and gift.

This is good mostly for anyone travelling to Europe, Asia, and South America as that is where you generally find Accor hotels.  It’s free, so you have little to risk for signing up.  Take a look, sign up and file it away in case you may ever stay in one of this family’s hotels. Enjoy!

More info can be found at View from the Wing

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Want to drink more water?


Have a baby and buy one of these. Ok, so you don’t need a baby, but it helped me.

I drink a ton (of tea) nowadays. There’s not much else to do rocking a baby to sleep at 3 am. I suppose I’m also up more hours now allowing for more hydration periods.

Nonetheless, this is a pic of my Martin Yan water boiler that delicers hot water 24–7, 3 liters at a time. We empty about a pot amd a half a day. Another thing thats helped is I’ve started buying more expensive tea. My favorite now is Ten Ren’s King’s tea. It comes in a gold can, is way more expensive than Lipton, but is oh so tasty. Feel free to ask for a cup qhwn you come over!

I also having. A special cup now with a built in strainer that keeps the leaves separated from where you drink. I originally purchased several in China when I first found them only to find out that they were available at my local Chinese store.

JJ update: he’s so long/tall now. I need to meaaure him, however he spans the entire width of my body and then some now requiring two arms at rocking time, whereas he used to fit in a one forearm football hold easily before.

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I know payback will be rough, but couldn’t resist…


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Good morning!


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Poor guy is too strong for his own good. He appears tp have rubbed off a patch of hair from vigorously shaking his head side to side avoiding vitamin time and the like.

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He gets older everyday!


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