Daddy Duty

Sleep, Eat, Diaper Change. Repeat.

Baby powder isn’t for babies

on January 20, 2012

With the nature and time constraints of parenthood, some of my posts will inevitably be short, especially updates from my phone.

Here’s a quick example of the numerous conflicting advice: to use soap or not.  If it was up to Johnson and Johnson, you’d be washing your baby with J and J no tear shampoo while he’s still in the womb.  Our doctor and a lot of web sites are advising no products to avoid any potential sensitivities and to allow his skin to shed and repair itself.  In addition to J and J, there’s no short of other websites, Doctors, companies, etc that are pushing products on your kid immediately.  For now, we’re going au natural and sans product despite the fact that we have tones of it all. 

One more big fact, the doctors don’t recommend baby powder for babies. There is a fear that the fine spores of the powder will irritate the baby’s respiratory system and cause complications. Who knew?


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