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The Umbilical Cord (stump)

on January 19, 2012



So, JJ’s umbilical cord stump fell off 12/12/11 at 9 days old. It usually takes about 2 weeks.
I had no idea you had a stump before the birthing classes. After the umbilical cord is cut (I cut JJ’s), a knot is made and the stump is the left over exposed part of the remaining umbilical cord.  Day after day, it dries itself out until it eventually falls off. Before it falls off, parents need to keep it clean to prevent infection by rubbing it with alcohol swabs and avoid contact with it mainly from the diaper by folding the front down to avoid irritation.  Now that it’s fallen off, we’ve saved it. I hope he treasures it in the future. Speaking of which, I have no idea where mine is…


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