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The Mighty Aspirator

on January 18, 2012

Babies are classified as preferential (obligate) nasal breathers AKA they typically only breathe through their noses. It’s theorized this is due to the soft palate being so close to the epiglottis until they are older (~4-6 months). The reason I bring this up is that since that’s the only way he breathes, we are constantly ensuring that nothing is blocking his nose (physical items like blankets/toys as well as mucus and other foreign matter).

Since he has a tiny nose, you and he can’t “pick” it and using tools like tweezers etc can cause damage.  Therefore, you will typically use the oh so handy aspirator to clear his passage ways. One of the nurses at the hospital taught us to wedge one at the foot of his basket/crib so we always know where it is and can find it immediately.  This has been great advice!  Another trick we have learned is to use saline drops to loosen/soften the boogers so they are easier to come out.

We’ve even purchased an electronic one that looks like a mini-vacuum.  I’m still undecided how much I like it, so I’ll review it in a future post!



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