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What are you thinking about?

on January 13, 2012

Due to the one-sided nature of blogging, I feel like I’m talking to a wall a lot of times when I write. However, thanks to the traffic reports, I know some of you are reading or at least clicking.

That said, part of the reason I do this is to share my experience and knowledge. So, I wanted to make an open request for topics or conversations you’d like to have to make the blog more interesting. Feel free to FB, txt, email, fax, or smoke signal me and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request. Some possible messages could be:

-More pix, less text
-Talk about X, Y , or Z

Whatever, I’m open to anything at the moment as I’m just starting out! Just let me know!

In writing the title, it made me think about JJ’s movements while he sleeps. From Day 1, you could see his eyes move while he slept and he sometimes had coordinating movements. All I could think about was what could he possibly be thinking about. The only visuals he’s ever had were being instead Claire’s belly and yet it sure looked like he was dreaming. Since them, he’s spent 98% of his life in the house while we give him time to build his immunity to germs. I can’t wait to show him more stuff so his dreams can be more fun!

There are other times when he’s awake and will just stare at something for long periods of time. Again, I wonder what on earth is he thinking? I’ll probably never know.

I’d like to end this post with one of my favorite quotes now, “Silence is golden!”


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