Daddy Duty

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Somebody’s a citizen!!!

on January 12, 2012

JJ got his  social security card in the mail today!  He got a really easy to remember number! It is XXX-XX-XXXX.

FYI-When you leave the hospital with your baby, a medical records person takes your SSN application and gives you a receipt which looks like a Word document simply stating that the SSN is being applied for.  You then wait about 4 weeks for the card and number to be mailed to you.  So, JJ just got his.  Yeah!

This is a big deal for us as it allows us to apply for his passport so he can travel to China and meet his other grandparents who are dying to see him! It’s going to cost $105 for the passport and he’ll need to submit the application in person along with his birth certificate and a photo. I just looked at the photo requirements and they are insisting on a straight on shot with both eyes open and a white background. I’m a little nervous about this one… 



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