Daddy Duty

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Tears of Joy

on January 9, 2012

To call this post overdue is a bit of an understatement, however, considering the circumstances, it’s completely understandable. My wife and I welcomed our baby into this world on December 3, 2011. When my son was born, I literally felt like I was hit by a train as feelings of happiness and joy overcame my body. I was literally in tears and for the first time understood crying out of happiness. My son was perfect-10 fingers, 10 toes, crying and all.


We couldn’t have been happier! We also couldn’t be more tired, scared, nervous, elated, etc.No need to call 911. We’re ok. However, I truly have a new found respect for all parents in the world now that I am one. You can’t help but be transformed once you become a parent. Pre-parenthood, you know things will change and that your responsibilities and workload will increase, but WOW, life is way different post parenthood. Everything and I mean everything revolves around our son.
Probably the biggest change I personally have felt is my own mortality. My wife and I need to be around to love and care for our son. This simple concept is subconsciously directing all of my decisions. I can’t take chances or risks with my health and life. Speeding, lack of exercise, overeating, etc simply aren’t possible in my new life.

Knowing what we have gone through to have him and what good and tough times lie ahead, it blows my mind to hear when parents harm their children. It seems unfathomable to me. Then again, I may just sound like a naive, newbie parent at this point.

Now, I have always considered myself Boy Scout-like in that I’m typically over prepared for everything and every situation. I’m the guy with the day pack complete with water, Purell, camera, bandaids, umbrella, etc just in case we might need it. Of course, 99% of the time we don’t.

Having that mentality, my wife and I engulfed ourselves in Parenthood classes, books, DVDs, etc determined to be amazing parents and to prepare ourselves as much as possible for this life change. Yet, despite all of the preparation, we admittedly have times where we look at each other having no clue on earth what to do and end up in laughs, tears, or both.

I look forward to sharing these moments and others in this blog as we raise our boy into a man!


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